Puppy Milestones  (0-8 Weeks)


Watching puppies develop is a remarkable experience.  It is truly amazing how fast they grow!  They change from day to day.  I have listed the milestones that occur in the first 8 weeks of life.   


  • Shivering Reflex (6-8 days old)

  • The eyes open and can see (10-15 days old)

  • The ears open and can hear (13-17 days old)

  • Barking (14-20 days old)

  • Early play movement (15-21 days old)

  • Stand upright (steadily) (18-21 days old)

  • Urinate & Defecate without stimulation from the mother (15-21 days old)

  • Balance for passing urine and bowel movement (18-26 days old)

  • Deciduous Teeth (24-27 days old)

  • Body twitching in sleep (0-28 days old)

  • Eating from a dish, weaning (25-28 days old)

  • Play with other pups (28 days old)

  • Muscle Tone (28 days old)

  • Walk and Run (14-28 days old)

  • Sight as equal to an adult – can focus (35 days old)

  • Hearing Acute (35 days old)

  • Plays with Toys (40 days old)

  • Plays constructively with litter (40-48 days old)

  • Learning mouth and paw skills, body control (40-48 days old)

  • Voluntary control of urinary and defecation – toilet training can commence from 3 weeks, but control from 10-12 

      weeks old, perfected at 4-6 months.

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