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HRCH Schlueter Go For Broke Bear - "Bear"


DOB: 3/18/2015

OFA Hips: LR-227745E93M-VPI

CERF: (Normal)

EIC: Carrier

CNM: Clear


Although I was raised with hunting dogs my entire life. Bear was my first Labrador Retriever.  He is the reason that I fell in love with this great breed!  Bear is talented dog that loves to hunt.  He is an attractive male that weighs 70lbs.  Bear is a great marker, but runs better blinds.  Bear has hunted in multiple states and picked up over a thousand birds. His desire to retrieve is first rate. He is a great hunting partner and friend.  Bear is my go to dog when it comes to hunting.  


Bear is a Hunting Retriever Champion!

The Boys



FTCH AFTCH (CFC CAFC) HRCH Hank's Settin' The Marsh On Fire QA2 - "Hank"


DOB: 3/28/2012

OFA Hips: Hips: LR-208695G24M-VPI (GOOD)

OFA Elbow: LR-EL63012M24-VPI (NORMAL)


EIC: LR-EIC1964/11M-VPI (Clear)

CNM: LR-CNM493/16M-VPI (Clear)

Coat Genotype: Black - Hidden Yellow - EeBB 


Hank is Daren and Laura's house dog.  While competing in Derbys Hank was awarded a 4th and a JAM at 13 and 16th months of age.  Hank was then able to achieve a HRCH title at 26 months.  Hank continued his success by winning a double header (2 opens) in Brandon, Manitoba. With those wins he achieved his FTCH and AFTCH (CFC CAFC). In then fall when he is not testing, Hank hunts upland as well as waterfowl.  Hank is a 78lb hard charging dog. He has all the bottom you'll ever need. Hank is Daren's first dog and is 100% amateur trained. 

Hank is proof that a dog can be very successful in the hunt test and field trial game, then lay on the couch at then end of the day. 

Hank is in North Dakota with Daren and Laura.


If you would like more information contact 

Daren Galloway

Cell: 308-386-6439 or


Stud fee is $750

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